Walt Whitman Library


Each class will receive an orientation session before their first checkout visit to make the students feel welcome, give them an introduction to the library staff, an overview of library procedures, and a review of the way the library is organized.

If, by chance, you discover any library or school books at home, please return the books to the Library as soon as possible. We DO NOT charge fines for late books (please see library policies and procedures for specifics). We accept returned books at any time for Whitman Elementary or for any of our TPS libraries!

Library and technology lessons focus on guiding students to become more confident & independent library users and researchers.
The Role of the Whitman Library Staff
  • provide materials written on many different reading levels for our students and staff
  • provide materials on many topics of interest for our students and staff
  • provide magazines, atlases and reference books, such as encyclopedias, to help increase the understanding of curriculum and other topics for our students and staff
  • provide access to electronic databases to increasing the understanding of curriculum and other topics for our students and staff
  • provide a wide variety of perspectives on a variety of topics for our students and staff
  • provide instruction and support to ensure that students and staff become effective users of information and ideas.
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